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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

A few days ago, I wrote about how it can happen; Leaving Your Child in a Hot Car. At Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, we agree with the experts who suggest, “Do not believe for a minute that it cannot happen to you.”

In North America, about 37 children die each year from being left in hot cars and the outside temperature does not have to be that high.

Consumer Reports reports that even with a temperature of 18 Degrees C, the temperature inside a car can reach greater than 40 Degrees C. That is more than high enough to cause serious injury or death to a child left in a car.

What Can You Do?

There are some easy solutions so this never happens to you. The first step is to acknowledge that it can happen to you. The second is to commit to protecting your most cherished possession and at Discount Motor City, where you can find the best used cars for sale, Surrey, we are happy to be provide you with some easy solutions.

What could be better than having the peace of mind that your child is absolutely safe in your hands?

Let’s Get to the Solutions

The following suggestions are not ours; they are from Consumer Reports, and at Discount Motor City, used car dealership Surrey, we are happy to bring them to you:

Create safeguards. Below, we have included an idea for you. Why not cut this out and leave it in your car. Put in on the passenger seat or dash whenever your child is in the car. It is your promise to your child to:

1. Arrange to have your child-care providers pledge to notify you if your

child does not arrive at their usual drop-off time.

2. To looking before you lock. Create this action as a habit and it will

then become second nature.

3. To calling 911 if you see a child alone in a car. What is worse? The

anxiety of getting involved or knowing that you could have saved that

child from serious injury or death?

4. Set a reminder on your phone to check with your spouse or partner to

make sure he or she has dropped off the child.

5. Create a visual reminder. Place the child’s bag, jacket, or hat in the

front passenger seat.

6. Force yourself to go to the back seat. Keep your backpack, lunch box,

or briefcase or telephone there every day. Normally, we throw these

things on the passenger seat. What is easier placing an item of

importance in the back seat when buckling your child in the car seat?

That is it. Pretty simple. Yes, I know, the first few times it will be a drag. But after that, protecting your child from being left in a hot car will become second nature. And there is not much better than that.

What is Discount Motor City?

Discount Motor City is family-owned, and is one of the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, BC. We pride ourselves in making our customers extremely happy and are always available to help any way we can. All our used cars are rigorously examined by independent certified mechanics, and we offer the friendliest, no push no pressure environment for yuou to find the used car that you want.

We have one goal and focus in mind; making certain that every person has an exceptional used car dealership experience. See us today for your used car needs and feel free to call Carlo, one of the owners directly at (604) 765 6999 if we can help.

Safe motoring and let’s all commit to protecting our most precious - our kids from being left in a hot car.

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