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Could You Forget Your Child in a Hot Car?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

The advice of many experts; do not believe for a moment that you could not forget your child in a hot car. It can happen to the best of us. Today, I discuss this issue and in the next blog, I will provide some easy tips so you have a better chance it will not happen to you.

Why Is This Important?

At Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, BC, we have families too, and would never want to have the unthinkable happen to us or to any of our customers. Summer is coming and we all know there is a mad rush getting the kids organised, getting to work, or shopping, or thinking, “I will only be a minute.” That is all it takes, and at Discount Motor City, we are absolutely passionate about helping where we can, whether it is helping you find the best used car for you or helping with vehicle matters along the way.

What Has Research Shown?

Research has shown that forgetting a child in a hot car is a common memory failure that can happen to anyone, leading to unbelievably tragic consequences. In Canada, on average, one child dies each year from being left in a hot vehicle. And it can happen so fast.

Some may suggest that it is negligence; however, research indicates it is a memory lapse. Running around, trying to fit many things in a day, a change of routine – and who hasn’t had that with COVID-19? All these things lead up to forgetting some things – and unfortunately, one of those can be the child in the back seat.

What to Watch Out For?

Watch out for situations that may change your routine. It could be as “simple” as taking hand’s free work calls while driving. Or something else could distract you and it is the distractions that are the common factor in most of these tragic situations.

The experts suggest that the first step to not allowing this to happen is recognise that it can happen to anyone and to not leave your child alone in the car for one second.

That even includes those times when you get all prepared to leave home, the child is strapped in and you remember, I forgot something. Most people think all is safe and run into the house thinking “I will only be a minute.” But then the cell phone rings and 20 minutes later you head to the car and remember, “OMG, my child is in the hot car.” By then, it could be too late. It was not negligence; it was a memory lapse trying to juggle 100 things all at once.

To see the consequences on a couple of families, CLICK HERE to watch a Consumer Reports video.

Is It Only During Summer?

Please do not think this is just a summertime problem. Even on days with mild temperatures, the heat inside a closed vehicle can become dangerously high in less than one hour, creating major health risks and possibly death of children left in hot cars. Consumer Reports suggest that even with outside temperatures as low as 18 degrees Celsius, inside a closed vehicle it can become excruciatingly hot, threatening any child inside with potential death.

What Can You Do?

There are some easy solutions so this never happens to you. The first step is to acknowledge that it can happen to you. The second is to commit to protecting your most cherished possession and in the next blog, I will provide some tips so you have a better chance it will not happen to you.

What is Discount Motor City?

Discount Motor City is family-owned, and is ranked as one of the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, BC. We pride ourselves in making our customers extremely happy and are always available to help any way we can. All our used cars are rigorously examined by independent certified mechanics, and we offer the friendliest, no push no pressure environment to come and find the car that you want.

We have one goal and focus in mind; making certain that every person has an exceptional used car dealership experience. See us today for your used car needs and feel free to call Carlo, one of the owners directly at (604) 765 6999 if we can help.

Safe motoring and let’s all commit to protecting our most cherished possession, our kids.

Best wishes,

12882 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

Telephone: (604) 628 0400

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