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Get Ready for Winter Driving

Good day. At Discount Motor City Ltd., where above all else, you will find a used car dealership in Surrey that cares. We care, not only about offering the best in used car values, but in offering exceptional and transparent service. Our Google rating of 4.3 is a testament to that, and part of what we love to do is provide information to help any way we can.

Please consider the following as winter approaches...

In the lower mainland, winter is not here yet. But the Impressions song from 1965 says it all; “Look out people, the train is coming.” We know winter will be here soon but not exactly when. Will you be ready?

For some in Canada, winter is already here. A friend sent me this picture of kids playing hockey in the street last weekend. Whew, cold.

In the lower mainland, we have a short time to get ready. Doing things like putting on the winter tires – I am not a fan of all season tires as the rubber is a saw off between what is best for summer and winter driving. Whether to drive with all-season or switch to a good winter tire is your decision.

Carrying out some of the other preparations for winter should be a must.

Things to Consider to Get Ready

Road Conditions

In the blink of an eye, road conditions can change. Temperatures can drop, snow can fall; almost immediately what was good driving conditions can become treacherous. None of us know when that may happen. From Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships Surrey, please get ready. If you want a recommendation about a great place to go for new winter tires or a tire change, do not hesitate to call us.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready

One of the easiest things, but important, is to check your vehicle fluid levels. Windshield washer reservoirs should be kept full with winter fluid, and while looking under the hood, why not check your oil, transmission and brake fluid, and radiator fluid levels? Also, if you have a block heater, you may want to plug it in to check that it is working.

Put a Safety Kit in Your Vehicle

At Discount Motor City Ltd., we think that carrying a safety kit should be standard practice year-round. But during winter it is all that much more important. Look how dark it is now at 5:00 pm. What happens if you get stuck or break down on the way home with no safety kit? How are you going to protect yourself, your car and anyone with you crowded on the side of the highway, cars rushing by, not being able to see you until possibly too late?

Please carry a safety kit that should include:

· Marker Triangles

· Package of Flares with matches

· Couple of space blankets

· Set of jumper cables

· Couple of reflective vests

· Pair of work gloves

· Flashlight with spare batteries

· Have you checked your spare tire lately?

· What about the jack? Is it there or did someone borrow and not put it back?

· Bag of Kitty Litter to help with traction when you need it.

· Window scraper and brush.

Hint: Maybe a good safety kit would be a great Christmas gift for that person you care about.

Winter driving in Canada can be dangerous, as well as tough. We never know what weather is going to be thrown at us, and being prepared will give a leg up. If you have any questions, or even want to talk about your next quality used car purchase, call the used car dealership Surrey that cares. Call us at Discount Motor City Ltd. where you will always find friendly staff, great used cars for sale in Surrey, at reasonable prices.

Best wishes and safe motoring from all of us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC.

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