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I bought a Used Car Privately - and This Happened

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

This actually happened to one of our new customers

One of Those Moments!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think, “I should have listened to that advice? Well, this is one of those times of buying a used car privately that happened to someone else, and hopefully the advice will stick.

The Call for Advice

The phone rang at our Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey lot at 12882 King George Blvd. It was a very gracious person with a question; “how can I confirm the kilometres on a vehicle?”

A little confused, why out of 100’s of used car dealerships, he would call us, I asked; “Out of curiosity, why did you call us at Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey?” His response; “I read the information about Discount Motors, and it says, if anyone needs a hand with something about cars to call you.”

I suggested how he could check the kilometres on his vehicle. "Buy the Carfax, which provides a history of any vehicle, including past checks on vehicle kilometres." It is not an exact science, but one can get a pretty good idea of the true kilometres.

For example, if buying a used car in 2020 and the Carfax says in 2019 there were 180,000 Kilometres on the used car and the speedometer shows 140,000 Kilometres, one would know immediately that there is a problem – a probable spun speedometer.

Now, this poor fellow bought a 2008 Honda Civic privately; something we are always suggesting people not to do, as there is very little recourse if there is a problem. Many people believe we tell them this to try to keep them as a customer; true, but the greater motivation is the number of times at Discount Motor City, used car dealership, Surrey we have heard the horror stories of people buying privately. To read “why not buy privately?” Click Here for our eBook or go to the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC Website.

The said used Honda Civic showed 48,000 kilometres. For a 12-year-old used car, that should immediately have been a red flag. The buyer was given the story of it being a second family car, only driven by the mother; anyway, as it looked like such a great deal, the money and the used car changed hands.

A short time after, the new owner of the “great deal used car” had to do the brakes all around. Then it was the catalytic converter and muffler system, followed by a number of other mechanical problems, after which the big one hit. A blown head gasket.

Back to checking out the used car kilometres; on my suggestion, the fellow purchased the Carfax, only to find that in 2018 the “great deal Honda Civic” had 183,000 Kms on it. Out of courtesy to the fellow, I will not divulge how much he paid for the used car, but he paid 1,000’s more than it was worth, and that does not include the $1,000’s he has paid in repair costs.

If only he had listened to us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC.

Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealership, Surrey, BC

Two or three times per week, greeting customers at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale, located at 12882 King George Blvd, we invariably get to the question of buying a vehicle privately. Buying a vehicle privately, it is buyer beware. There is little or no recourse if you have a problem, like our new customer had.

Come to Discount Motor City, used cars for sale, Surrey, where you will always get straight-up honest advice and the best in used cars for sale, Surrey. Come and see us today or call Carlo at 604 628 0400 for information about all the used cars on our lot.

And, Happy Motoring from all of us at Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealerships, Surrey, BC.

12882 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC

Call Our Office, or Call Carlo Direct at (604) 765 6999 for information about

all our used cars for sale, Surrey, BC!

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