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The Making of the Crispy, Cheesy, Pizza!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Make this easy home-made pizza

What has a fantastic aroma, is crunchy, bubbly and full of flavour? The pizza that won the 2020 recipe of the year at King Arther Flour, and which I wrote about the other day, where you can find the recipe by Clicking Here.

I Made the Pizza!

Most recipes I give to my friends, I first try them out. But, due to time constraints, I trusted King Arthur Flour, and recommended the recipe blindly.

No problem there. What a fantastic recipe. Easy to make, and a simple joy to eat. What could be better than making something from scratch, filling your home with a wonderful aroma of pizza in the oven, and at a cost that is lot cheaper than buying delivery.

The Time of Home Made

To order a pizza for delivery, for 4 people, will cost at least $60.00 and the total time, with looking, to ordering and waiting, is about 2 hours.

Making it at home – yes, it takes a little bit of planning, but it is not time consuming, and being able to keep the dough in the fridge for this one, makes it even better.

Making the Dough

I made the dough shortly after getting up in the morning. Total time involved was less than 15 minutes. This is a picture of the dough after being made and ready for the fridge. The dough went into the fridge and at 2 pm out of the fridge it came.

This is a picture of the dough after sitting in the fridge for 8 hours. In my recipe, which you can see by Clicking Here, I suggested 12 – 72 hours in the fridge. This is an advantage of this dough, it is quite flexible. So, after 8 hours, I am hungry and ready to go.

At 4 PM, I formed into into my pan. The recipe suggests a cast iron skillet is best, but how many of us have those hanging around. My mom did and I miss it, but I used what I have got. And that is the base for an Emile Henry Round Bread Baker.

The Pizza being made. This is the first layer of cheese applied first to act as an insulating layer, between the sauce and the dough.

The next step. The tomato paste added and ready for whatever toppings you may wish to add. The recipe calls for just another layer of cheese, but with my creation I added a few more things.

At 4:30 pm I pre-heated my oven at 425 deg. F. One rack 5 inches from the top and the other at the bottom. At 5:00 PM the pizza went onto the bottom rack in the oven. And 20 minutes, I moved it to the top rack for a few more minutes of baking.

At 5:30 PM, the pizza was out of the oven and after a few minutes, we began the best part, digging in.

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