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Can Mice Attack Your Car?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

You bet! Mice and Rats love cars.

A few days ago, I read a story about the plague of mice in Australia. That brought back memories of a time when mice attacked my car. What a mess and a bit expensive to fix. At Discount Motor City, the best of used car dealerships in Surrey, we have a passion for helping; If you have any questions about cars or want to search for a quality used car in an exceptional service environment, see us.

What Can Mice and Rats Do to Your Car?

Mice and rats love rubber and plastic, and of course finding a warm place to nest. You can have what you think is the most reliable car on earth and still have electrical problems, fluid leaks and hoses with holes if mice and rats take up residence in your car and begin chewing on the car parts.

When is the Problem Worse?

Just like us who like to snuggle down when the weather turns worse, mice and rats like to find a warm place to live. Winter is the most dangerous time for your car and especially if it is parked for a period of time. Keep reading and we will provide some tips on how you can protect your car.

An Interesting Eco Twist?

In an effort to be eco-friendly, most of the car manufacturers switched from plastic to soy-based wire coating. I would rather chew on something made with soy than plastic and so it seems so do the rodents. The car manufactures state emphatically that soy-based wire coating has not had an impact, but the argument rages on with consumers stating this has created an almost perfect material for the rodents.

The debate has made it to the courts as repairs can be very costly; At Discount Motor City, where you can find the best quality used cars for sale in Surrey, we suggest an “ounce of prevention” is the best road to hold.

What Damage?

Those furry creatures can cause a lot of damage chewing through power steering lines, filling engine intakes with acorns, and plugging up air-conditioning ducts with their nests. And that is just a start. They love to live in seat material, and if they chew through a car’s wiring harness, repairs can cost upwards of $2,000 if it is a difficult replacement.

That would be a “hard pill to swallow” when there are things you can do to help prevent those furry creatures from chewing on your car parts.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Car?

First and foremost, open the hood and regularly look for evidence of rodents nesting in your car. Look for signs such as droppings, urine, scratches, chewed wire, damaged belts, gathered nesting materials, and exposed fiber insulation.

Here are a few tips as a first line of defence that may help keep your vehicle rodent-free.

1. Park away from places that are known to draw rodents, such as near trash bins or

natural food sources, such as vegetable gardens.

2. Park in a sealed garage, if possible, and keep the doors closed and keep rodent traps

active in your parking area.

3. Make sure the parking area doesn’t have stored food and prime nest materials like

newspapers, cardboard, straw, rags, and patio furniture cushions.

4. Look for gaps around garage windows and doors for possible places that rodents can

sneak in. Weather strips under side doors can help seal them. Likewise, inspect the

vertical seals on retractable garage doors for damage.

5. Don’t store trash cans used for food waste in the parking area.

6. Keep the car interior free from food wrappers; their scent can draw rodents.

7. Move the car regularly, discouraging varmints from taking up residence. And

occasionally honk the horn before starting the car to scare away any napping critters.

Here are a few things you can do inside the car as a second line of defence.

1. There are spray products that promise to deter rodents to be sprayed under the hood.

As well, peppermint oil and cayenne pepper are reported to deter rodents.

2. In addition, turning to a technical solution, there are ultrasonic devices that emit sounds

to deter rodents, but at a frequency that humans cannot hear.

3. And to use an old solution, place mothballs under the hood, which many suggest can

help. As a caution, do not use moth balls inside your car, or you will be stuck with the

awful smell.

4. There is also a clever solution from

Honda: rodent-deterrent tape, an

electrical tape treated with super-

spicy capsaicin. Honda describes this

tape as “the stuff that puts the fire in a

bowl of five-alarm chili,” and they say

it works well on deterring rodents.

Who is Bringing You This Information?

Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealership, Surrey, BC, where we are passionate about offering quality and respectful service. Along with our well-appointed used cars and great pricing, we deliver a total package that will surpass your expectations for exceptional service. Our commitment to you:

1. To listen to what you want.

2. To address all your questions openly and with the utmost of honesty.

3. To have ready to show you, all the paperwork on any vehicle so that you can have a clear

picture of the quality of our used cars for sale. We never have anything to hide.

4. To provide you with great pricing.

5. To being available to help any way we can after the sale. See us first before you do

anything with your car, as we can always offer suggestions and get things at great prices,

the savings that we pass on to you.

6. We have an in-house detail shop, where we can keep your car as spotless as the day you

bought it.

With all that we offer, why would you buy your next used car anywhere else?

See us at Discount Motor City, the best of used car sales in Surrey. Experience the difference our exceptional service makes to your used car buying and ownership experience.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, where you will find the best used cars for sale in Surrey, BC. And, please be safe.

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