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What About Distracted Drivers?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

We all hear a lot about distracted driving and for good reason. In the last while, of 282 deaths from auto accidents, approximately 70 were caused by distracted driving. But distracted driving is not just the result of using your telephone or texting. As cars become more complex, with more gadgets like driver aids, there is much more to distract us.

What About Those Driver Aids?

Other features are adaptive cruise control to maintain speed and vehicle separation, advanced, driver assistance systems that monitor lane changing and driver stopping, and even navigation, touch screens and advanced audio systems. These are to help drivers with a more enjoyable experience, but one of the results is, people are more likely to speed and engage in what the researchers called “judgement errors.”

Drivers who used these features and others were 1.8 times more likely to try to multitask while driving.

Some of the multitasking includes talking or texting, fiddling with a charging cable and looking elsewhere rather to the front where it counts. Some may say, “I am going to do it anyway, or possibly, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to make the cars safe. There can always be that debate, but at Discount Motor City, used car dealership, Surrey, we suggest that the last action is always the responsibility of that person behind the wheel. That is the person who can make all the difference in the world by making sure they drive safe.

Discount Motor City, Used Car Sales, Surrey, BC

At Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, it is our privilege to serve you. Recognizing that privilege, we will do everything possible to make your visit to our lot a pleasant experience and we commit to being transparent about our vehicles, honest in our dealings, and upfront with the details of any Sales/Purchase Agreements.

We want you to know what you may be buying, your responsibilities and the total cost before you sign on the dotted line.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, BC. Safe Driving.

If you want a quality used car with the best in service - come to where you will be appreciated and very happy. See us today at Discount Motor City, used car dealership, Surrey, BC.

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