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Feeling Sick About Gas Prices?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Sicker Shock at the Gas Pumps / Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealership, Surrey BC


Well, it is happening again.A barrel of oil is still well below$100 per barrel and herewe are facing sickening gas prices at the pump. The experts will have all sorts of reasons - shorter supply, a war somewhere, refinery maintenance, and, and, and All the while we get stuck with it and sicker.

Just so you know, Statistics Canada said that gas prices rose 6.5% in February compared with January, marking the third month in a row of climbing prices at the pump. And, over the last year? Prices have risen 44%. No wonder we are feeling sick.

Of All the Reasons

And boy, can they ever come up with a lot of reasons. In all the Blah, Blah, there are two reasons that I can believe - but the rise in prices still makes me sick, and I am sure you too, as there is very little we can do about it.

A recent article I read on this subject included 5 reasons for gas prices rising. Gee, they missed the 6th and 7th; Price Gouging and Government Taxes and Fees. Here in the lower mainland, to see how government taxes and fees hit all of us in the pocketbook, just look at the difference in gas prices between Vancouver and Chilliwack.

And, I just thought of an 8th reason- do we ever think that governments love high gas prices? A big portion of the taxes on gas are percentage-based, so higher prices mean a greater giftto government. It is not in their best interests to do anything that will work to push gas prices down.

The Differences in Gas Prices

GasBuddy is a great resource if you want to checkgas prices. This makes me sick - all expressed in CDN$/Litre

1. Vancouver..... $1.497

2. Chilliwack...... $1.399

3. Toronto.......... $1.146

4. Blaine ........... $0.730

What Does This all Mean?

More money out of our pockets. Not only for gas, but anything that is transported - what isn't? -is going to cost us more.We have all struggled with COVID-19 and many of us have lost loved ones and now not a minute of respite, or time to take a breath as we all wonder about how we are going to add the cost increases to gasoline to everything else.

Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealership, Surrey BC

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