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Will Summer Tires Work in Winter?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Many of us have tried to sneak through winter on summer tires. I know I am guilty. I remember one time long ago really getting caught with my pants down. We got hit with an early morning, light snowfall, and decided to take the chance to make it where I wanted to go. Did not work. The first slight hill, I made it part way up and then started the backward slide. Thankfully, there was no crunch with another car. Shaken, I parked and walked my way home.

So, for me, summer tires do not work in winter and here is the reason why:

Tires have Different Compounds for Summer and Winter

We have all heard about all-season, all weather, summer and winter tires. They all react differently because of the tread designs and the type of rubber compounds; all designed to work in differing weather conditions. There is a clear line between a summer tire and a winter tire; a line that is somewhat blurred when one adds all-season or all-weather tires, but today, we are here to discuss; “will summer tires work in winter?”

The Short Answer is “No”

Summer tires are clearly designed to work in warmer weather, above 7 degrees Celsius. Summer tires have a lower rolling resistance which adds to better gas mileage, and have a softer rubber compound than winter tires which, in summer, heat up and grip the road better. With lowering temperatures, summer tires harden and lose their traction.

Winter tires are the opposite. As the temperature drops, winter tires do not harden and with deeper tread designs compared to a summer tire, they also have cuts across them called “sipes.” Sipes aid in the removal of snow from the tread and help with more traction on ice.

The short answer is, “No,” Summer tires do not work in winter and trying to sneak through like I did, showed that it is best to use winter tires in the winter and be safe.

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