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Today is World Pasta Day!

Who doesn’t like pasta? At Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealerships, Surrey, the ownership is half-Italian, so there is much discussion about who has the best recipe for pasta; the Italian or the Canadian side. It is like the on-going debate about who makes the best Pollo a la Brasa (chicken); our Peruvian side or the Canadian, but that story is for another day.

And today is World Pasta Day! Beginning in 1995, it was decided at the World Pasta Congress that the most basic, and possibly, which can be the most elegant dish in the right hands needed its special day. Millions of us enjoy the ever-versatile, hearty and filling comfort food every day, and now it has its special day.

What is Pasta Anyway?

In its most basic form, pasta is only flour and water. Add an egg or two and “voila” you can make your own pasta. I cheat, I have an automatic pasta machine. Put the ingredients in and out comes the pasta. There is nothing store-bought that compares to home-made pasta and I get to make it short, long, round, flat; just about any shape, I want.

Pasta, Is It Good for You?

The short answer is “yes.” When the pasta dough is extruded through the dies to form the individual shapes, it compacts the starch structure, making the pasta digest more slowly in your system. For this reason, pasta is a low Glycemic Index food, meaning it doesn’t cause a rapid spike in your blood sugar. This is also why pasta has such a satiating affect, keeping us fuller for longer.

Pasta Facts

You can learn something new every day. Just like coming to Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC, where we are always happy to help you learn all about used cars for sale, Surrey, I just learned there are more than 400 unique pasta shapes. So much for just the straight spaghetti.

But, for great pasta, just like picking the right used car dealer, Surrey, it is all about the sauce. The pasta should “marry” the sauce; particular pasta shapes pair better with particular sauces. Generally, larger shapes work better with thick, robust sauces, whereas skinny shapes, like strands of delicate spaghetti, suit lighter sauces.

The Perfect Pasta

To get the perfect used car in Surrey at a great price, come to Discount Motor City, where you will always find the perfect service. And, if you want the perfect pasta, follow these simple steps:

  1. Cook the pasta in a very large pot of salted water. Don’t put oil in the water as the sauce will not stick to your pasta, and do not cook your pasta until it is soft. Pasta is best when it has a little bite to it. As well, this lessens the impact on your blood sugar as it will break down slower in your body.

  2. Drain your pasta but never rinse it with water. Also, save a little pasta cooking water as the gluten and starch in the pasta water allow the noodles to adhere to the sauce.

  3. Last, finish your pasta in its sauce in a frying pan, with some of that reserved pasta cooking water. Lightly toss until the sauce coats each strand of pasta.

That’s it and Happy Pasta Day! Why not celebrate this day with a home-made and simply delicious, healthy pasta meal that features your favourite ingredients?

And, if you are thinking of a quality used car with great prices, and where you will always get exceptional service, come see us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC.

Discount Motor City, Used Cars Surrey

Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey, is a family-owned business, where we pride ourselves in our cultural mix and the service we provide. Honesty, integrity and “no push, no pressure” are the cornerstones of what we offer to all our customers. If you are looking for a quality used car Surrey, come and see us, located just across the Patullo Bridge on the Surrey side.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealerships Surrey.

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