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Which Fluid is My Car Leaking?

All cars will eventually leak some fluid, from somewhere. The questions will be:

  1. What is it?

  2. Where is it coming from?

At Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, we suggest to people that there is a difference between a “leak” and a “weep.” All cars will weep around their gaskets, especially if they are not driven for a while. Most people are familiar with weeping around the head gaskets, but it is the fluid that you find on the garage floor that could be the sign of a problem.

What to Look For?

A spot o fluid does not mean you need to panic, but it should not be ignored. They do indicate that your car is leaking somewhere and it can get worse and a lot more expensive if you ignore it.

What fluid is Leaking You Ask?

All fluids in a car have particular colours. By looking at the colour, you can get a pretty good idea where the problem may be originating. And, to help, at Discount Motor City, quality used cars Surrey, we provide this quick guide to help you identify what fluid may be leaking so you can get it fixed.

Engine Oil

Black is the colour of engine oil. If you see a puddle of this under your vehicle, check the oil quantity on your dipstick before doing anything else. Running your engine out of oil can be a disaster and a very expensive one.

Transmission Fluid

A transmission fluid leak usually shows up near the mid-section of your vehicle and can be reddish brown to brown in colour. Like checking the engine oil, before you move your vehicle, check the transmission fluid level on the dipstick.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid will show up at the front of your vehicle and the likely culprit will be a leaking power steering rack, or if you are in “luck” just a leaking hose. Like transmission fluid, the colour can range from light reddish brown to brown. It is easy, as well, to check the power steering fluid level by lifting the lid off the fluid reservoir.

Brake Fluid Leak

A brake fluid leak can show up at the wheels, or just about anywhere along the length of your vehicle if a brake line is leaking. Brake fluid can be clear to light brown and our recommendation with a brake fluid leak is you have your vehicle towed immediately to a repair location.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be yellow, green or pink in colour and the liquid has a slimy feel. Check the fluid level in the overflow tank and top up the radiator if needed. If you have lost a lot of coolant, it is best not to drive your vehicle before you get it fixed. Overheating an engine can be an expensive or impossible fix.


Any car with air conditioning will leak condensation. Your air conditioning unit has an overflow spout that drops water under a vehicle, which is a normal occurrence. If you see a little water under your vehicle, it is usually nothing to worry about.

What We Do at Discount Motor City, Used Cars Surrey

At Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey, all our vehicles are examined thoroughly by independent and certified mechanics. We check for leaks, condition of the brakes, tires and all other systems on the vehicles. We have a responsibility to all our customers to not offer a vehicle for sale that has not passed our thorough independent inspection as being safe.

If you are looking for a quality used car, see us first. You will love our cars, our prices and exceptional service. We never push or pressure and will do everything possible to get you into a quality used car that will be your pride and joy.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey. And to check out how happy we make our customers, read their comments by CLICKING HERE

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