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Taken for a Ride?

questioning what a car will cost.
Before signing on the dotted line, know what the total cost of that sparkling car will be

At Discount Motor City, a premier of used car dealerships, Surrey, we hear all sorts of stories. The other day, a very nice lady came to our lot with her family to look for a quality used car at a reasonable price. She told us her story.

About one month ago, she went to a used car lot and found what she thought was the “perfect car.” Yes, it was very nice. Her complaint was not what she paid for the car, but how much it was going to cost that she had no idea about.

The same old trick; the car dealer gave her a 7-year loan at a monthly price she thought she could afford. Her complaint was not the amount of her monthly payment, but the process the dealer took to get her there. There were all sorts of added fees, and, and, and, that she did not understand or as she said, “know about.”

All told, the 2014 used car would end up costing her about $50,000 at the end of seven years. Many times before, we have written, “know what you are signing before you sign.” What the lady told us was, the dealer did not disclose all and really put the pressure on her to sign.

About that Car Loan - Start with a Budget

Our first recommendation is, do not go into any dealership to buy a car with a loan, without knowing how much you can pay. And stick to it. Shiny and cars may be all the glitter, but once reality sets in the shine will wear off. Set a budget and stick within it.

About that Car Loan Explore Your Loan Options

two ways to get a car loan
Know the best way for you to get a car loan and what it will cost

There are two main ways to getting a car loan. One is going to your bank and getting a pre-approved car loan and the second is dealership financing. And, that dealership financing may be from your local bank with “middle-person” fees attached.

Intuit Turbo provided this explanation about dealership financing.

Some dealerships offer on-site financing, which means you agree on the loan amount and interest rate with the dealer. Here is what to keep in mind:

  • The dealer will gather all your information and send it to one or more prospective auto lenders, who will then give the dealer a “buy rate.” This could be higher than the interest rate you negotiate because it could include a compensation fee for the dealer handling your loan.

And this is what happened to the lady that came to see us at Discount Motor City, used cars, Surrey. She claims she knew the interest rate but was told nothing about the "buy rate," which resulted in a total loan cost that creeped way up.

The bottom line, it is your money and you have the right to know what that car will cost.

Discount Motor City, Used Cars for Sale in Surrey, BC

Discount Motor City, used cars, Surrey, is a family-owned business that prides itself in the service it provides. We offer “no push, no pressure” service, with the goal of providing the best customer service of anywhere.

Like the lady that came to us the other day, who was thrilled with our service, we treat everyone to our highest standards of service. We are open with our information, we do not have hidden fees, and do everything possible to make sure that our customers understand what they are signing. Pushing, pressuring and not being transparent, is not part of our fabric.

Come See Us

You do not have to worry about how you will be treated coming to our lot to look for a used car. We maintain the highest standards of customer service, only offering our “no push, no pressure” service.

Come see us for a quality used car at a great price, all wrapped up with the best customer service of anywhere. That is why we say, “the premier of used car dealerships, Surrey.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC.

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