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Mistakes in the Car Mom & Dads Make

As the weather turns, in my opinion, it is important for all of us to think about what we do in cars with our kids. We get tired with the hustle and bustle, we always seem to be in a hurry, but I hope you will take a few seconds to review what you can do to keep your kids and you safe.

Doing Other Things but Driving

It is amazing, with all the statistics about the dangers, and fines, I still see lots of people talking on their phones or texting while driving. At Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealerships, Surrey, we have a program “One text or call could wreck it all.”

If anyone would like to take the pledge with us, drop me an email or call and we would be happy to sign you up. One call could save someone’s life, or one call could end it all.

The Right Sized Seat

Statistics again, show that 46% of all car seats are misused. Using the correct seat and having the kids buckled up is most important. If you want read some of the sad statistics that will hit you right in the stomach, Click Here and here are two things you can do:

  • Make sure the car seat is correct for your child’s size and age. One car seat does not fit all sizes and they need to be changed as the child grows.

  • Car seats expire too. Check the date and please don’t use an expired seat.

Buckling Up

I know, the kids squirm, whine and just don’t want to be constrained. But, it is all about keeping them as safe as we can while driving. Along with the normal things to do, such as buckling up before you move, you might want to think about installing a car seat with this neat gadget so you know they keep buckled up.

Kids Love to Play with Windows and Door Handles

Locking the doors and windows is as easy as flicking a switch

Luckily, today, most cars come with automatic windows have anti-pinch or auto-reverse features. Any pressure against them as they roll up, the window will either stop or reverse itself and open up. But, to be safe, why not activate the window lock so that there is absolutely no problem?

Easy and only takes a second to do.

With the door handles, nothing could be worse than your child playing with the door and having it fly open. Child safety locks are built into the rear doors of most cars and it is easy to use them

Too Many Distractions

Your spouse or friend calls on the phone, your kids are squirming, you reach for the cup of coffee or that bag of chips that fell to the floor. You take your eyes off the road for just a second. What can happen? You are set up for a crash from distracted driving.

I saw one the other day in front of Costco in Vancouver. The cars in the lane turning into Costco were stopped. A car whipped passed me in the Costco lane and wham. It came to an abrupt stop rear-ending the last car in the lane. The person driving had their phone in their hand. Nothing more needs to be said, but it can happen to anyone at any time.

Respect School Zones

Yea, I know, we are all running late and have to drop the kids off at school. BCAA reports a more than 80% of us don’t follow rules of the road in school zones. Please don’t be part of that 80% and for those in that group, you are putting my kids at risk – a few seconds taking it easy will not make any difference in your life, but hitting a child because you are in a hurry can change many lives forever. Please think about it.

Have You Installed a Dash Cam?

If you are wondering about the benefits of a dash cam, possibly have a look at this video by Accelerated Motion.

Discount Motor City, Used Cars for Sale in Surrey, BC

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death of children in North America. So, why do we take chances? Is it because we think it will not happen to us? Please think again. At Discount Motor City, used cars, Surrey, we care about you and your family and about you getting home safely.

At Discount Motor City, we not only talk about car safety, we make sure all our used cars are thoroughly inspected by licensed and independent mechanics. We do not believe in “doing it yourself.” Our customers deserve and can expect an independent and unbiased vehicle inspection, which we are happy to make available to every customer.

If you want to see a great lineup of quality used cars, Surrey, and experience our customer service that we believe is the best of anywhere, drop in to see us. We are located just across the Patullo Bridge on the Surrey side; great used cars, excellent pricing and the most friendly and best service of anywhere.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, where you will find the best used cars for sale in Surrey, BC.

Please get home safely

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