• Wayne Drury

I am Not a Lone Wolf!

A few days ago, I wrote a blog, Thanks from our Heart,” followed by a second blog, “Am I a Lone Wolf?” At Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, we never feel alone, but over a few evenings of doing our best to show our appreciation to all the front line workers, I wondered if I was a lone wolf.

There was not much of anything and then a spark ignited. The spark was not mine; that came from what I was witnessing in Lima, Peru and their movement has continued to grow, which you can see by Clicking Here.

Then, one evening, a local news station had a shot of a few “lone wolves” in the west end of Vancouver. It was great to see them. And then the next evening there was another group from another part of the city.

This lead up to 7 PM last evening where the downtown core of Vancouver erupted in thunderous applause, horn honking, music and song. Unbelievable! Thank you Vancouver from the bottom of our heart.

Now, let’s keep it going! Louder and Louder until we beat this damn thing. Forget about the people who do not follow the rules and care about their neighbours, or are selling toilet paper at $50 a package or hand sanitizer for $200. They will pay the price.

Louder and louder. Lift the spirits and we will win and we will be much better for it as individuals, as a community, as a city, and a country. It is incredible to see how business is adapting, how new ways are being found to do old things, but most important, most people have the kindness in their hearts to say thank you to all of those who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

From Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC, thank you from the bottom of our heart.

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