• Wayne Drury

The Little Things Make Me Smile

Sometimes, it is the little things that make us smile. Like, a happy customer leaving our Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey lot at 12882 King George Blvd or finding joy in something small and precious.

At Christmas, one of the "small things" is the joy of pulling open a Christmas Cracker with my wife. We chuckle at the "bang," the paper hat and the little gift inside. It is all part of our

Christmas celebration made more fun with family and friends.

Where Did the Christmas Cracker Come From?

The first record of the Christmas Cracker was in 1847, invented by Tom Smith of London, England. Smith created the crackers as a development to help with the sales of of his business of bon-bon sweets. He first inserted love messages into the wrappers, and later incorporated the banger mechanism. The sweet was eventually dropped to be replaced by a trinket: a practice that continues to this day.

And What A Surprise!

Our Christmas Crackers had the trinkets. They also included some light-hearted messages that made us smile and I thought you may enjoy them too:

.... A wise man says: When everything is coming to your direction, you are probably in the wrong lane.

.... Farmer: How did you come to fall in the pond? Boy: I didn't come to fall in the pond, I came to fish.

.... What kind of school do you have to drop out of to graduate? Parachute school.

.... Try saying this phrase quickly five times. Thin sticks, Thick Bricks.

.... What room can you never enter? A mushroom.

.... Where can you find the best customer service and well priced Surrey used cars? Discount Motor City, the best of the Surrey used car dealerships.

Discount Motor City, Used Cars Surrey

At Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey, we are as passionate about providing quality and accurate information, as we are about providing a the most pleasant and comfortable environment of any of the used car dealers, Surrey.

We guarantee "no push, no pressure" service and you are more than welcome to browse our lot at 12882 King George Blvd, just across the Patullo Bridge on the Surrey side. And feel free to call Carlo at (604) 765 6999 for information about any of our used cars Surrey, or if you have any questions about any vehicle matter.

Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey BC, is a family-owned and operated business. We not only work hard to earn your business but afterward, we provide what we believe to be the best in after-sales service, to keep your business.

Best wishes and happy motoring from all of us at Discount Motor City, one of the premier used car dealerships, Surrey. We hope the "little sayings" made you smile.

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