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First our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the 60 families who have lost loved ones to this terrible sickness. It is not something happening far off but right at home. And, on the other side, each night the noise amplifies from those saying “thank you” to all who are helping.

Thank You from Discount Motor City, Used Car Sales,

Surrey, BC

It is not only the medical staff and first responders that are out there; just across the road from where I live is a grocery store; go in there and everyone is determined and very polite. The staff is amazing, and I cannot go without saying; I had to get an emergency shipment to a community up north and it was unbelievable how the folks with the Pattison Group, Save-on-Foods, and the trucking company all pulled together to make it work. All helping others while putting aside the risk. From personal experience, I cannot say enough but, “thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Without a doubt, this is the most challenging and emotional time many of us will remember in our lifetimes. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak is being felt by everybody, every company and every community across Canada and around the world.

And the response has been extraordinary; as much as for what it has revealed of us as a people. Sure, there have been those that have been selfish, thinking only of themselves. But, the acts of kindness, the expressions that we are all in this together has shown me we are a community, a country and a world of good people.

Video From Discount Motor City, the Best of the Used Car Dealerships, Surrey

To celebrate that, at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC, we have put together a VIDEO as our way of saying “thanks.”

While much remains uncertain right now, one thing is for certain: this crisis will pass and our communities our city, and our country will recover.

We are in this together and at Discount Motor City, used cars, Surrey, we will be ready to help rebuild our economy the best way we can. We may be a small spot but everyone working together will be as important as the next.

Best wishes and be safe, from all of us at Discount Motor City, used cars for Sale, Surrey.

All the way from Germany and Spain, and they bought a quality used car from us. Discount Motor City, used cars, Surrey, located at 12882 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC.

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