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What Not to Touch While Shopping

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

At Discount Motor City, where all our quality used cars for sale, Surrey, are fully inspected, we are always concerned about our customers’ safety. That is exhibited in everything we do and extends to providing information on many topics of interest that may help our customers and others in their daily lives.

Scanning the Internet, I came across an article, about what one should not do in a grocery store. Reading it, I thought, “boy, that is me,” as I used to touch all the things mentioned in the article. But no more. For me, I want to do everything I can not to be a carrier of COVID-19, with the possibility of affecting my family, friends and others.

In the age of the Pandemic, I am heeding the advice and from all of us at Discount Motor City, used car dealership Surrey, we hope you will too.

So, What Not to Touch?

Over the past few months, we have all learned a lot about the spread of the Coronavirus, Here are some things to think about when you go to the supermarket, and elsewhere, that may reduce your risk to exposure.

The Doors

Even before I enter, I think about the doors. Most larger stores have automatic doors, but what about the stores that do not? Just yesterday, I went to a local bank that had outward swinging, non-automatic doors. How to handle the door opening with all those potential viruses on the handles?

I patiently waited for a few moments until a customer exited, opening the doors in the process. I kept the door between myself and the other customer, hooked my size 10 boot around the door at the bottom and then walked in. Easy, and a touchless entry. An alternative is to use an antiseptic wipe.

What About Inside a Grocery Store?

First thing I do is give my shopping cart or basket a good wipe down. I know the people in my grocery store wipe them down too, but I get the extra level of comfort knowing that I have done it myself. Most grocery stores provide wipe-down stations, but just in case, I have my hand sanitizer and wipes with me.

Beginning my shopping, the first thing that usually catches my eye are those shiny display cases. All those scrumptious things inside that could be protected by glass covered with millions of coronaviruses.

People touch them, kids love to get really close to them, and who knows, one slip and I could be carrying the corona virus. Easy though, I just don’t touch them.

My Telephone

All day, I walk with my telephone in my hand or in my pocket and without a doubt put down where I probably should not.

How many times do I sanitize my phone? Not often and that creates the risk. I now do not use my telephone in the grocery store, or anywhere unless I can give it a good wipe with my sanitizer wipes.

What About the Mask?

How many times do you touch your mask? Touching your mask can transfer the Coronavirus. So, it is simple, I do not touch my mask and I always make the point of carrying an extra with me, secured in a Ziplock bag to change off after a few hours.

My Face

How annoying; I always seem to get an itch when I least expect it. But just part of the routine to be prepared. When I get that unfortunate itch, out comes the hand sanitizer and I give my hands a good scrub. Only then do I attack that annoying itch.

Paying for Purchases

No matter If paying with cash or by card, I sanitize my hands first and last. First to help the potential spread to the cashier and last to protect myself, my family and friends. Throw the card in there which gets disinfected before putting it away. All this may seem over-the-hill, but for me, it is the new normal and at Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey, we take a similar approach to “over-the-hill” sanitization.

Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealership, Surrey, BC.

At Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, it is our privilege to serve and doing all we can to keep our customers safe. All our used cars for sale Surrey get sanitized and we follow strict safety protocols with all customers. Our goal is the same with our customers as it is with our families; to keep everyone safe.

At Discount Motor City, we never lose sight of our privilege and will do everything possible to keep you safe; whether that is providing quality information or when we are offering you a quality used car for sale, Surrey, BC, in a safe and very comfortable environment.

Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, BC. And please be safe.

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