• Wayne Drury

Am I a Lone Wolf?

I am not giving up. I have never been a quitter and I never will be; and more importantly, during these times of crisis, one must stay positive. What am I babbling about?

I am babbling about giving heartfelt thanks to the Helpers. Have a look how giving thanks as spread in Lima Peru by Clicking Here.

Just listen to the noise, think of the fun and how it lifts the spirits. At Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, we do everything we can each and every day to lift the spirits of those who are confused, are worried about spending money and who just want to know that they are getting a quality used car at a great price.

What We Have Been Doing to Start a Movement

It might be a little strong to consider what we are trying to do from Discount Motor City; “starting a movement,” but are we going to worry about what it is called if we can be successful?

Picking up on what is happening each evening in Peru, we are out on our patio at 8 PM to show our thanks to all the Helpers keeping us safe. We began two evenings ago, and so far, have been a “lone wolf.” Here is our video from Last Evening.

We will be out there at 8 PM each evening and hope that you will join us. If you do, please take a video and send it to us – Let’s start a movement.

Discount Motor City, Used Cars for Sale, Surrey, BC.

Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC, is a family-owned and operated business focusing on making our customers happy with exemplary customer service, exceptional quality used cars for sale and a “no push, no push” environment when you visit us. And, during this time of crisis, we are fastidious about following social distancing rules, disinfecting our vehicles; and if you want to see what you can do with your own vehicle, see our blog by Clicking Here.

We are sorry that we cannot shake hands, but we are still providing, as always, a pleasing and happy environment, and what we think is the best of all the used car dealerships in Surrey.

Thank you to all the “Helpers” and please join us to show your heartfelt thanks. Best wishes from all of us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, BC. If you have any questions about any of our quality used cars for sale, give Carlo a call at (604) 765 6999.

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