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Discount Motor City, Used Car Sales Surrey; Happy New Year

Another year has slipped by, and at Discount Motor City, used car Sales, we wish everyone the Happiest of New Years. We met wonderful people again this year, many who became our customers and shared their stories with us. Thank you for gracing our lives and we are here to help any way we can.

There are many positive things happened over the past year at Discount Motor City, used car sales Surrey, including the sponsorship of another child through World Vision, the expansion of our used car inventory, the addition of a vehicle detail department, and the continued building of our business one person at a time.

Anyone in business will tell you, there is no shortcut to success. Building a business takes time. For us at Discount Motor City, used car sales Surrey, we are building our business on our reputation as customers learn to trust and rely on us.

Like a family who bought a vehicle from Discount Motor City, used car sales Surrey, more than one year ago. The vehicle was for their son, and now it is the daughter’s turn. They said they came back to us because of the "trust they have with us." We could not ask for a better endorsement of our customer service.

And now, it is time to close off the year with a little fun. Here are our "official" Happy New Year messages to you. Thank you to all who supported us this past year. Happy New Year from all of us at Discount Motor City used car sales Surrey, BC

Please click on the photos to see the videos of our Happy New Year Messages.

Angelina and Sandra Wayne


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