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Discount Motor City / Used Cars / Buying from a Used Car Dealer vs Buying Privately

At Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey, we hear the sad stories about people buying privately. I am not suggesting all privately-owned used cars are bad, but buying from a dealer such as Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealerships, Surrey, certainly has its advantages.

Just a short time ago, a person came to our lot looking for a quality used car. They found the car they loved, but said they had to go and look at a "private deal." Not hearing from them, we assumed they bought privately. About one week later they were back with a sad story.

Not having the car for less than one week, the engine blew. They went back to the person but was told: "too bad, so sad." The long and short of it, when buying a used car privately, a person has no recourse. Buyer beware could never be truer.

Opposite to a young lady who recently bought a vehicle from Discount Motor City used cars for sale in Surrey, The vehicle was fully inspected by a licensed mechanic, we test drove the vehicle a number of times and it was perfect. A clean, quality used vehicle. After one week, the engine light came on. She called us all in a panic and we asked her to bring the vehicle back so we could check it out.

The problem was a sensor that decided to become a problem. Quickly, the sensor was replaced and she was happily on her way.

Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey BC, is a family-owned and operated business. We understand the pressures that customers may feel when looking for a quality used car and guarantee "no push, no pressure" service to give you the most pleasant and comfortable environment at a used car dealership Surrey. And we do everything we can to help you before, during and after the sale.

To read about the risks of buying privately, CLICK HERE to get a copy of our E-Book. Best wishes and happy motoring from Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, BC. Feel free to visit our used car lot and vehicle detail shop at 12882 King George Blvd., Surrey, and as always, give Carlo a call at (604) 628 0400 if you have any questions.

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