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The Road You Choose

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

The road you choose for life is the most important to you. Each and everyone of us gets to choose and we live with that choice.

And that includes where you decide to buy a used car. You have a choice, many choices, and where you buy can determine if it was a good or a bad choice. At Discount Motor City, we work very hard every day to be the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey.

Discount Motor City, Used Car Sales, Surrey, BC.

Choosing us as your preferred used car dealership in Surrey, BC, this is what you will get:

1. To listen to what you want and provide a comfortable environment

2. To address all your questions openly and with the utmost of honesty.

3. To have ready to show you, all the paperwork on any vehicle so that you can have a clear

picture of the quality of our used cars for sale. We never have anything to hide.

4. To provide you with great pricing.

5. To being available to help any way we can after the sale. See us first before you do

anything with your car, as we can always offer suggestions and get things at great prices,

the savings that we pass on to you.

6. With our detail shop, we can keep your car as spotless as the day you bought it.

Why would you buy your next used car anywhere else?

Come and see us at Discount Motor City, the best of used car sales in Surrey. Experience the difference our exceptional service makes to your used car buying and ownership experience and our in-house detail shop just adds to the benefits.

Best wishes and be safe.

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