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We hear stories of people being stranded overseas and to most of us, it is just another story of the impact of the Coronavirus. That was what it was for me until it hit home with our family.

My wife and part-owner of Discount Motor City, is stranded in Peru. We have been trying to get her back, but the international airport in Lima is closed to international flights, and so is the border.

At first, there was panic. But then reality set in and emotions and efforts were directed to making the best of a bad situation. When one turns off the news for a moment and takes a breath to let the negativity evaporate, we may notice something interesting happening.

Around the world, the “helpers” are mobilizing and that is no more true in Peru as it is in British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

The politicians of all stripes have thanked the doctors, nurses, the cleaners, cooks, truck drivers, scientists, sanitation workers, mail carriers, and so many others who have jumped forward to keep our lives as normal as possible.

And interesting, we have heard of the singing from the balconies in Italy, which is emotionally uplifting, but last night, my wife live-streamed something that brought joy to my heart.

At 8 PM, in Lima, with its more than 8 million people, there was thunderous applause. From silence to deafening thunder, to silence, all in a span of 10 minutes. Applause from the population to thank all those who have been working so hard to keep the people’s lives as normal as possible and putting their lives on the line to keep them safe.

It was an amazing expression of thanks and it makes me think about the power we all have to help, to inspire, to create and rebuild.

Today, I’m thinking about the power we all have to help. To inspire, create, build... and rebuild, and how each of us can be a helper, celebrating all those who are dedicated to helping us.

So, at 8 PM tonight, and every night, I will be standing on our balcony to show my appreciation by applauding all those people who are helping us through this most terrible time. And throughout our city and country, I hope many will join me.

I am hoping it will break the isolation many must be feeling, just like my wife stranded in Peru and will bring a sense of community and togetherness that will help us all get through this mess.

From all of us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, thank you to everyone who is stepping forward to make our lives as normal as possible while putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Discount Motor City, Used Cars, Surrey

Discount Motor City, used cars for sale in Surrey, is a family-owned and operated business. We are trying to keep our lives and our business as normal as possible, knowing that many businesses and the people that work for them right now are facing unbelievable hardships.

To address this, governments have stepped in, and at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale, Surrey, we are maintaining our very high standards for selling used cars and have a number at great prices. If you need a quality used car, we will do everything we can to help, and do not hesitate to give Carlo a call at (604) 788 7261 if you have any questions.

Best wishes and be safe from all of us at Discount Motor City, used cars for sale, Surrey, BC.

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