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Don’t Take Your Cell Phone to the Bathroom – Who Would Have Figured

Yup, from the best of the used car dealerships Surrey, BC, Discount Motor City, we bring you a story that should make you laugh.

Do you want to get hemorrhoids? Then the experts say, take your cell phone with you when you poop.

Someone figured out that it should take us about 5 minutes when we do the Number 2 and taking longer can mean hemorrhoids. Hey, I am not making this up

Dr. Micheal Valente, a colorectal surgeon suggests that the maximum time to spend sitting on the toilet should be 5 minutes and longer can encourage hemorrhoids.

I am the first to admit I sometimes have been lost in thought – with my cell phone – while sitting on the toilet. But who would have thought that could cause hemorrhoids?

From the mouths of experts, it can and it will. Get distracted by your cell phone and sitting too long and suffer the consequences.

Remember, you probably read this here first. And what does this have to do with a used car dealership in Surrey, BC? All part of our commitment to do all we can to keep everyone safe. No matter whether it is in you wanting to buy an exceptional used car for sale in Surrey, BC, or providing sometimes some of the most obscure advice, all of us at Discount Motor City, the best of the used car dealerships, Surrey, are here to help.

No push, no pressure; come and see for yourself what a quality used car dealership can offer and how much others enjoy dealing with us.

Drop in to see us for any of your used car needs at 12882 King George Blvd, Surrey, or give Carlo a call at 604 765 6999. We are always available to help and to save the anguish of hemorrhoids, don’t take your cell phone to the bathroom with you.

Best wishes and Happy New Year from all of us at Discount Motor City Ltd., where you will always find the best of used cars for sale in Surrey, BC, just across the Patullo Bridge on the Surrey side.

12882 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

Call Carlo Direct: (604) 765 6999

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