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What to do After A Crash

At Discount Motor City, where you can find the best used cars for sale in Surrey, BC, we do not like to think about crashes. But, as we suggest with everything to do with cars, it is best to be prepared.

What Should You Always Do?

No matter what you drive, big, small, used, or new, please keep your car in tip-top shape. It is so easy and fun to play mechanic, to check all the little things that can lead up to a big difference in the operating of your car. Having all the lights working, good windshield wipers, pliable hoses, all fluids topped up, excellent brakes, and properly inflated tires are a few things that can be easily checked.

If you are in an accident, here is what ICBC suggests you should do.

What to do After a Crash

Step One

1. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately.

2. Move the vehicle off the road if it is safe to do so.

3. Avoid discussing who is at fault for the crash.

Step Two

Record the following for all vehicles and drivers involved in the crash:

1. Name of driver, contact information, driver's license

number, and province/state.

2. Vehicle license plate number, vehicle year, make

and model.

3. Insurance details if the vehicle is from out-of-


Step Three

Look for witnesses and record their contact information.

Step Four

Describe the crash scene:

1. Date and time of accident.

2. Weather and road conditions.

3. Direction each vehicle was traveling.

4. Where was your vehicle and lane you were using.

5. Where was the other vehicle and lane it was using.

6. If possible, take photos or make a diagram of the

crash scene.

Step Five

Report your claim to ICBC:

1. Online at

2. By Phone: (604) 520-8222 (Lower Mainland)

: 1-800-910-4222 (BC, Canada, USA)

Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealership, Surrey

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